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Students aren’t statistics

Chris Digby for DD2 School Board Dorchester County South CarolinaWe need to take a whole student approach when determining what is best for our young people. If we are making decisions to improve intellect at the cost of physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our students we are not taking the role of education seriously.


As collecting data has become paramount to evaluation and measurement we have a duty to make sure any and all testing is worth the trade off. The time, energy, and resources spent testing must be considered and weighed against the data it purports to collect and the value of that data to the success of future students. Our students are not just the data points they generate. If the data is not improving education we need to be prepared to stop issuing those tests.

Teachers are the talent

Recruiting and retaining quality teachers is crucial to the continued success of our schools. While the Board is not hands-on involved in day-to-day operations, it is important for our members to understand the difficulties facing our teachers. Obviously, most agree teachers are underpaid. As a Board that lacks fiscal autonomy it is not as simple as just deciding to pay teachers more. But there are other ways to improve retention. I have the unique ability to share honest assessments from a teacher’s point of view where many teachers are uncomfortable voicing their opinions in fear of being seen as a complainer or as “not buying in.” Retaining quality teachers starts with listening. I will be a Board member that is willing to intently listen to the concerns of our teachers and offer ideas to leadership that will empower our teachers by removing obstacles and purposefully evaluating each task required of our teachers for its value. There are many tasks teachers are required to complete on a daily basis that may not be worth the amount of energy, effort, and time needed to complete them. We have to make sure the teachers’ tasks lists are manageable, meaningful, and purposeful.

Support staff are crucial to our success

The work of our support staff is paramount to the success of our schools. The environment created in each school is a direct result of the cleanliness, organization and professionalism in every corner of the school. Leadership needs to value and respect every staff member whether a principal, secretary, custodian, food worker, bus driver or maintenance professional. The way leaders treat these individuals will directly affect the way students and parents treat these people. When staff is treated like proud professionals they create an environment that commends respect from every person that walks in our doors. When leaders and other educational professionals treat support staff like “the help” it gives students and parents permission to do the same. A healthy school culture recognizes the value of EVERY member of the team. When everyone is held to high standards of professionalism it changes the way students and parents see their schools.

Parents need to be empowered

Parents are the first and most influential educators for every student we serve. When parents lack the full amount of information to completely understand what is happening in the classroom, they tend to fill in the gaps with whatever information they receive from their students or from their own experience. Its up to each school and each teacher to ensure parents have enough information to fully understand what is happening in the classroom. When parents believe in teachers, students will believe in teachers. When parents and teachers create a united front students are more likely to buy in. Schools need to provide more intentional programming to assist parents and to make it available in different formats to allow for the many different work schedules parents are dealing with. If parents are buying in, it’s more likely students will buy in.

About Chris

Chris Digby for DD2 School Board Dorchester County South Carolina

Youth & Education

Chris Digby grew up on the Oakbrook side of Summerville. He attended Alston Middle School and Summerville High School, where he served as a class officer and participated in football and basketball.


He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Presbyterian College while attending on a football scholarship. PC was instrumental in developing Digby’s passion for service. The motto at Presbyterian is Dum Vivimus Servimus, “While We Live, We Serve.”


After graduating, Digby worked in 3rd Party Logistics, and served as youth sports coach and as a volunteer at a Children’s Hospital in Columbia and with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Columbia. As his desire to serve in more a meaningful capacity grew, he moved back to Charleston and served middle and high school students in the tri-county area through facilitating educational programming with a non-profit organization, and also as an assistant basketball coach at Summerville High School.


In constant pursuit of growth and new opportunities to serve, Digby attended the Charleston School of Law. He continued working in the non-profit sector full time, coached basketball, while attending classes at night. After passing the Bar in the Spring of 2010, Digby was not able to identify an area of the law that seemed more meaningful than serving in schools. That summer he participated in an alternative certification program, accepted a teaching position at Oakbrook Middle School, continued coaching football and moved over to coach in the girls’ basketball program.


Over the next several years, Digby taught many social studies courses including, SC History, World History, Law Education, American Government, Psychology, and Sociology. He taught a diverse set of students. Students of all backgrounds were challenged and succeeded regardless of race or socioeconomic status. He taught students receiving special education services, honors students, and early college program participants. Every student was valued.


Digby has served in multiple coaching rolls:

  • Football:
    • Junior Varsity (JV) Assistant
    • Junior Varsity Head Coach
    • Assistant Varsity Coach
  • Basketball:
    • B-Team Head Coach
    • JV Assistant
    • Varsity Assistant
    • JV Girls Head Coach
    • Varsity Girls Assistant, 5 out of 6 Region Championships under Matt Legare
    • Varsity Girls Head Coach – Region Championship (shared), Region Coach of the Year (shared)

After getting married in 2017, Digby made the difficult decision to leave Summerville High School to explore a law career. He joined the Law firm of Knight & Whittington where he served as a real estate attorney.


Later, he was offered a position with a larger firm that offered more opportunity for growth. He joined McAngus, Goudelock & Courie (MGC) in August of 2018.


Last year, Digby opened a new office for the firm in downtown Summerville, and has built a successful local practice.


Digby is married to his wife, Layla, a Physical Education teacher and Volleyball Coach at Summerville High School. They have 2 daughters: Emery (2) and Sloane (1). The fifth member of the family is their mixed breed, rescued dog, Bodie. The family lives in the Knightsville area.


The common theme you see throughout Digby’s life is service. He has continuously looked for the most meaningful ways to serve his community.


He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Dorchester Habitat for Humanity and is the President of the Summerville High School Athletic Club. He serves on the Coach Louis Mulkey Scholarship committee, is an active member of the Summerville Rotary Club and referees basketball all over the Lowcountry.


Your vote would give a true servant-leader the opportunity to serve you and the children of Dorchester County in the most meaningful possible way.

Vote for Chris Digby on November 3rd!

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